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Modular scaffolding system "Plettac contur". Industrial and civil engineering require adaptable but heavy-duty scaffolding systems. The plettac contur perforated disk is stress-optimized and allows connection of up to 8 ledgers or diagonals per level with varying angle ratios. This means that the scaffold is flexible enough to be adapted even to the most differentiated building forms and layouts. Moreover, bending moment and shear stress resistance were considerably improved by means of FEA. The scaffold complies with the requirements of the health and safety regulations and has been granted several European licenses as well as registration no WAS18746 in accordance with Australian Standards 1576. plettac contur corresponds with all aspects of EN 12810 and EN 12811. Scaffolding system is certified by GOST-R in Russia.

•up to 8 ledgers/diagonals per level
•flexible angle set up due to small and large connecting openings
•only rectangular assembly possible due to connecting heads
•modular perforated disk, FEA-optimized
•flat design of perforated disk prevents built-up of plaster, dirt, ice, steel parts etc.
•positive locking and centric transmission of energy and load application
•adaptable to a variety of floor plans and building structures due to different anchorage systems
•large choice of spans available
•height intervals at every 50 cm
•special ledgers for SL desks available

Facade Scaffoldings "Plettac SL 70/100". Plettac SL 70/100 is a durable frame scaffolding system licensed for all 6 scaffolding classes and suitable for universal purposes of use. Customers can choose between steel frames (70 and 100 in width) and aluminium frames (70 in width). The scaffold complies with the requirements of the professional association and was granted several European licences. plettac SL 70/100 corresponds with all aspects of EN 12810 and EN 12811. Also certified in Russia (GOST-R).s

•quick assembly without tools
•automatic vertical alignment of following lifts
•integral deck retainers
•decks fixed by means of star
•profile bolts
•enlarged working area width

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